Upgrade RNS-E Feature Pack

This page is for upgrading 192 Feature Packs to allow for SDHC Card Support and SD Card Maps.

You only need to use this page if you purchased your 192 Feature Pack prior to January 2022.

This is a charagable upgrade as you paid a reduced price due to the SD Maps feature not being available for 192 units at time of original purchase.


Cost: £5 (GBP)


Please enter either your NavPOInt Licence Key OR your original PayPal Transaction ID.

You can find your NavPOInt Licence key in the e-mail we sent when you purchased. It begins 4E50-....

You can find your PayPal Transaction ID in your PayPal account history.

Feature Pack Firmware

Access the great new extended features

EU Firmware

Feature Pack Firmware to support EU units.

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NA Firmware

Feature Pack Firmware to support NA units.

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