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RNS-E Feature Pack

Purchasing a feature pack fully enables the following additional features in our custom firmwares:

In addition to the above, the Feature Pack for the 193 PU RNS-E includes:

Unfortunately 192 units are not compatible with SD-Card Maps.

Purchase Details

RNS-E Type:

Refer to our identification guide if you are unsure

HW Index:

Serial No:

You can find your units HW Index and Serial No via the engineering menus under General > Version

Please ensure you have entered your details carefully. You are purchasing a licence for a software product and refunds will not be given under any circumstances.

* VIM unlock requires VCDS (or similar software) to code required speed limit on adaptation channel 5. You purchase a licence on the strict understanding that you enter into a legally binding agreement to accept all responsibility for your own safety once you enable this feature, that it will be used only for provision of static “media player” type screens, that you understand that viewing video whilst driving is universally illegal and that you will not be using this feature for that purpose under any circumstances.

** Your NavPOInt software licence will allow you to add custom POI and full UK postcoes to navigation media for this RNS-E unit. Navigation media created with this licence will not work in any other RNS-E units.